African – Southeast Asian Workshop on Bambara Groundnut

The African – Southeast AsianWorkshop on Bambara Groundnut will be held from 25-27November 2019 in Crop For the Future Research Centre, Semenyih, Malaysia. The participants of the workshop are by invitation. This workshop aims to promote knowledge exchange on the current research approaches and practices in both genomic and agronomic studies at different agro-ecological sites of bambara groundnut (kacang poi). This workshop is funded by the FAO and International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture – Benefit Sharing Fund (ITPGRFA-BSF), as part of the completion of the project on‘Genetic and Trait Characterisation of Farmer and Genebank Accessions of Bambara Groundnut for the Development of Drought Tolerant Lines in Sub-Saharan African and Southeast Asia’ led by Crops For the Future Research Centre.

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