PhD Student Researching Bambara Groundnut Makes Impact at UK Plant Science Conference 2014


Many congratulations to Presidor Kendabie, PhD student in University of Nottingham UK on winning one of two prize at this year’s UK PlantSci conference in the ‘Future generations’ session held in University of York. This year’s event attracted over 30 speakers and 160 attendees representing diverse areas of plant science.  Presidor’s talk was on “Overcoming the challenges facing an underutilised crop species: bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea L.) as an example”.

Presidor is currently completing his PhD studies under the supervision of Dr Sean Mayes. In his talk, Presidor highlighted the three major areas he and fellow colleagues have concentrated on for the past few years in order to improve bambara groundnut 1) characterising a diverse set of bambara groundnut landraces for reproductive development under various photoperiod regimes, 2) developing a F2 segregating population for photoperiod and other agronomic traits and 3) identification and analysis of linked QTL.

To download or view Presidor’s presentation from UK PlantSci 2014 click here.


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In 2012, Presidor also won first place for best postgraduate student poster at the distinguished CropWorld Global 2012 Poster Sessions. To view the whitepaper for his winning poster click here.